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Natvia was created when we learnt about the ill health affects associated with the overconsumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

With a philosophy of making the world a better place and seeking to inspire a better life in people around the globe, we set out to find a healthier, 100% natural, low calorie alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. After significant research and development, Natvia was born and launched into the market in 2009.

Today we take great pride in bringing what our fans describe as "the world's best sweetener' to the world!

Natvia uses only 100% natural ingredients to create a unique and superior tasting sweetener completely free from anything artificial. With only 0.6 calories per serve (compared to 16 calories per serve of sugar), Natvia has an astounding 95% fewer calories than sugar.

In making the BEST sweetener, we focused not only on the health benefits for our customer, but also on creating the best taste. Natvia has a clean, sweet, natural taste and has been specially crafted to complement coffee.

To ensure we created a taste profile that baristas and coffee drinkers would love, we assembled a panel of coffee industry experts – baristas, café owners, bean growers and coffee drinkers to tell us how we could achieve just the right taste.

Natvia has been embraced by baristas around the world and is proudly associated with The World Barista Championships and barista and coffee events around the globe.

Of course, it's not just the taste that baristas love, but the benefits of being able to serve and enjoy a better alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. The world's most celebrated coffee roasters and cafes are now serving Natvia to their customers!

Natvia is also making itself at home in health conscious kitchens. Used in baking and cooking, Natvia can be used to create lower calorie versions of the world's favourite sweet treats and savoury foods.

Health Practitioners have also embraced the benefits of Natvia, and can now recommend a natural, low calorie sweetener to people with diabetes, fructose malabsorption and weight management issues. Natvia's low calorie, low glycemic index blend may assist with management of blood sugar levels.

Natvia is the 100% natural way for people with diabetes to better manage their condition and enjoy the sweet treats we often take for granted.

In addition, health practitioners are also recommending Natvia to people who require a calorie-controlled diet, as a simple and easy way to manage their sweet cravings, without having to give up the taste of sugar or use artificial sweeteners. Natvia is also tooth friendly, and doesn't promote tooth decay.

Natvia is an Australian company tackling some of the world's biggest health issues – primarily the increased incidence of disease such as obesity and diabetes. Unlike many of the multinationals we are competing with, Natvia has NEVER been associated with the production of artificial sweeteners. Honesty and transparency are at the core of everything we do.

We honestly believe we've created the world's best natural sweetener. We wouldn't want to use anything else. And neither should you. Love your sweetener. Love yourself!